Marine Software Suite

The Marine Software Suite provides Vessels and Offices with a single dashboard overview of all the Marine Software Ltd software modules in a simple, single screen. It also provides the Automatic Data Replication functionality between the Vessel and Office via the Marine Software Cloud Server or a UNC path for vessels that have VPN's set up between vessels and their "Management Office".

oss.png     The Office Suite will be located on the shared server in the office. This provides management with easy access to all office software and latest data. mss.png     The Vessel Suite will be located on the shared server on vessel. This provides the vessel crew with easy access to all vessel software and latest data.


Office SuiteMarine Software Office Suite


Marine Software Vessel SuiteMarine Software Vessel Suite

Automatic Data Replication, Cloud Data Transfer & Cloud Software Update Service

The SYNC button give vessels and offices access to Automatic Data Replication, Cloud Transfer Service and the Cloud Software Update Service. These upgrades and services give vessels and offices hands free data replication between ship and shore and the ability to keep your entire fleet's spftware install base at the same version.


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